When Should I Replace My Windows?

Like every other piece of hardware in your home, your windows have a shelf life! No matter how much quality you invest in, the internal quirks of the material and the wear and tear from nature will eventually begin to show on your windows. You will begin to see this as your windows become more difficult to swing, lift and slide.

As your windows deteriorate, you will find it harder to maintain the climate in your home. The windows themselves may also become foggier as condensation becomes worse.

The question is what you should do when your windows begins to show the symptoms of being at the end of its lifespan. You may be able to repair them and hope that they survive for a few more years, but they are not always able to be repaired. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then repairing your windows may be less viable than you think:

  1. Rotting – If the wooden a window is beginning to rot, then you should look towards a replacement rather than a repair.
  2. Double pane windows that are clouded – If you have deposits of condensation that are becoming foggy in a double pane window, then your only choice is to replace it.
  3. Hardware that is not available – If your windows are especially durable, the materials used to make them may simply become obsolete. If you can’t find a replacement parts in the market, then you need to replace the window.

Yes, replacing a window always costs more than repairing it. However, it is much more important to consider the long-term ramifications of a repair versus a replacement. A replacement gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about it for a few more years. You also have the ability to upgrade the style in your room and provide more comfort from newer, more durable and insulated materials.

In short, replacing your windows is an investment in your entire home. There are, however, some things that you should be mindful of during the installation.

  • Your style choice – You have more styles than ever to choose from with today’s windows – hopper style, awning, fixed, casement or hung/double hung style.
  • Double glaze / triple glaze – A double glazed window has a sealed space that gives good insulation from the gas that fills the space. Triple glazed windows help to insulate the room from noise. Both kinds of glazed window panes give you significant energy savings, but if you live in a tropical climate, you may want to consider how much heat you want to hold in the room.
  • Glass coats – This is also known as low E coating. Glass coating has the ability to keep heat out while letting light into a room.
  • Installation – No matter how high quality a window may be, you need an installer who can put it into your wall professionally. Consider the previous work of an installer before committing to him.

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Thanos P

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