New Windows Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering upgrading or improving your home, window replacement is very likely to end up on your to-do list. Much more than a cosmetic upgrade, choosing the right new window installation can help you lower energy costs, bring more natural light into a room, and even make it easier to let in fresh air in warmer weather. Before embarking on your new window journey, here are a few answers from the team at ObrebskiBrothers Windows and Doors that might help ease the process:

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

This is one of the most common questions we get from people looking to have their Maryland home windows replaced. If you’ve been shopping for windows and feel like you’re seeing a lot of “request a quote” pages, there’s a reason: window prices always depend on the installation process. While you might be able to find the price of the windows themselves, the overall price is dependent on an assessment of the installation process. This usually includes an in-person visit to examine your existing windows, take measurements, and so on, though general price ranges might be able to be given over the phone. In short, contacting a Baltimore window installation company is the best first step to getting a price.

Can I Size Up My Windows?

Yes! In most cases changing the size of your window or the overall style isn’t a problem. In fact, your window replacement offers an excellent opportunity to do so. You can discuss your needs with us when you call for a quote. We’ll be happy to offer recommendations for windows that will help with energy efficiency, bring more natural light into your home, and even add style and “curb appeal” to your house.

Do I Really Need New Windows?

Unless you’ve had your windows replaced in the last ten years, the answer to this question is probably yes. You should call us if you notice any of the following problems with old windows in your Baltimore area house:

  • Drafts, particularly if certain rooms always seem to feel warmer/colder than the rest of the house.
  • Windows that won’t stay up by themselves anymore, or tend to stubbornly “stick” in the up position.
  • Windows that are a struggle to open, or even painted shut.
  • Windows with sills or frames that are sagging or cracking at the bottom or sides.
  • Any windows that are older than ten years, even if they seem “pretty good” condition-wise.

At Obrebski Brothers Windows, Doors, and Siding, we’re ready to give your home the new windows it needs, and the friendly, professional Baltimore window installation service you deserve. No matter how big or small your home may be, we’re ready to make sure it looks its best, inside and out. Call us today or fill out a webform to get started with a free quote!

The job Obrebski Brothers did was unbelievable. They finished in one day, and they made sure everything was done perfectly without any problems.

Amelia H

Bel Air, MD

These guys did a fantastic job! They kept the house and the garden clean during the installation. The installations were impeccable.

Thanos P

Fort Washington, MD


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. With us you get the personal touch. But don't take it from us - just ask any of our customers!

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